Thursday, November 5, 2009

Research Prewrite

Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?

-After the U.S. fought againt the Spanish to give independence to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, the U.S. imperialized both Puerto Rico and Philippines yet they did not imperialize Cuba. Im interested in this country because the United States passed the Platt Amendment which was put into the Cuban constitution and it let the United States intervine in Cuba's domestic affairs, so though they are not imperialising nor colonizing Cuba, they did have many right over thier business.

What has struck you about its history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knowledge and experience you may have?

-The Platt Amendment reminds me of the "colorblind" ideas that we are discussing in Professor Millers class, where the United States created laws that were very obscure and shadey to limit inferior groups rights. I think this is what the United States was trying to do in Cuba without being very obvious about their imperialism. What has also struck me is how two countries that have enough conflict between eachother to eliminate all connections, have the larger more powerful country own a part of the smaller country.

Based on you reading and knowledge so far, do you think the U.S.'s relationship with this country supports the thesis"The United States is an imperial power"?

-Based on the reading and knowledge so far, i do think the U.S.'s relationship with Cuba supports the thesis "The United States is an imperial power". They have not imperialized Cuba but they have made sure to have enough power over Cuban affairs without it looking like that the United States taking over. They controlled many of Cuban utilities, Cuban mines, Cuban oil refinaries and the countries many other industries. This emphasizes more on U.S. imperialism because they have the power to control a country without it actually being apparent.