Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life and Debt

1. Yes i do think Life and Debt is an example of colonialism. The IMF is basically controlling Jamica through their economic struggles. They are controlling their marketing by selling their products for lower prices and making the farmers go out of business. The IMF is also controlling Jamica and its marketing by not letting the government help out the agricultural production and making farmer pay more taxes.

2. The IMF and the countries that are loaning Jamica money has control over it. They are making sure that the farmers and other sellers are not able to sell their products. The IMF is telling the Jamican government that they cannot help out the farmers and that the farmers have to compete on their own. Jamaicans can stop this by working together and by not buying foreign products. They can help each other out or find another way that will help them make some profit.

3. In Jamica Kincaids "A small place" she describes how tourists are ignorant and in Life and Debt they are portraying that. Its showing how tourists like to have fun and enjoy their vacation without knowing nor worring about whats going on around them. The tourist in Life and Debt were drinking, partying and having fun while outside their comfort zone there were people in poverty, people with no jobs or places to stay.

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