Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revising (Tourism essay)

There are many types of travelers, such as missionaries, explorers, Peace Corps, politicians, pilgrims, exiles and tourists. These are travelers who set out to attain information about the world, give information to the world or find peace at different locations. People who travel view the world in a different perspective, as a whole.Traveling motivates them to learn more and experience more which makes them less vulnerable to succumb to ignorance. Travelers do not prejudice and tend to think of outcomes and possibilities before they make a decision or before taking any action. Some travelers look to find utopian societies on their many voyages around the world and this is a type of tourism because people go to find their own gratification. In I Choose Exile by Richard Wright, he says that "It is because I love freedom, and I tell you frankly that there is more freedom in one square block of Paris than there is in the entire United States of America!" [289]. Wright decides that he would exile himself from the United States, so he travels to France. The difference between France and the United States makes him realize the wrong doing of his native nation. How freedom in America is not really freedom but a desire that everyone yearns for. He exiles himself to France because no he has gained the knowledge of peace and happiness, he quotes "I love my adopted city...France is, above all, a land of refuge" [295].


  1. Good paragraph, Sanjida. A couple little things:

    - there's at least one fragment here: see if you can find and fix it.
    - Wright doesn't quote; you're quoting him. See if you can find the very that works here.

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  3. (at sanjida) you nailed it...gud job.

    (at prof. Tanenbaum) i found the fragment (is it like a typo?)...and basically those are actually his (Wright) quotes.

  4. Actually, if you live in a place full of descrimination, anywhere else would be better.
    And he left because the owner of a house woulld not sell the house to him because he was black.

  5. Adams - A fragment is different from a typo (though it's good to find those too!) A fragment is a sentence that's not a complete sentence, most often because it's missing the subject or the verb.